Hi there! I’m Andrea Varriale

Survivor. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Community Builder. DeSoFi Believer and NFTfi Strategist

I have spent the last 10 years building and expanding multiple businesses in the tech sector. These businesses have all delivered 7 figure incomes for their stakeholders under my guidance, and I’m proud to call myself a trusted advisor, mentor, and investor in the crypto and blockchain technology industry for so many of my students. But was it as easy as it sounds? No, not at all.

A bit of a background Story:

Hailing from a suburbs of a big metropolis in Southern Italy, my family’s biggest aspiration for me was to become an electrician. Which I did, easily, as I was always getting into trouble for breaking toys and reverse engineering them into gadgets.

I lived in an extremely poor region, surrounded by the Mafia’s criminality and the corruption of the authorities. In most places, ‘The Godfather’ is just a movie. But for us, theft, assault, vandalism, drug dealing were an everyday reality.
I didn’t realize the impact a place, the system and the people could have on someone till I was 21 and finally had some time to myself after I fulfilled my mother’s dream and had a brand new house to my name.

The first Stroke of Lightning that hit and changed my life:

All those years not having a house, I never felt safe or secure enough to do anything else. Thus, buying my first house was also the first instance that I spent a little time by myself, and the first instance where I picked up a book, it was about Steve Jobs. It talked about a higher purpose, a bigger picture. I remember the exact words of the writer, he said, “In every man and woman’s life, there is a defining moment. It is a brief intersection of circumstances and choices that define a person for better or worse, a life of unfilled potential or a life that mattered, that made a difference.” 
It was weird. Rather than owning things, it talked about creating them. And not necessarily always for your own self. It talked about a world that I didn’t even know existed before that book. 
I knew I had to be a part of it. I moved to London to escape my current situation and co-found a start-up with no background knowledge or experience, but only determination and passion. I knew not a single word of English and so the only job I could get was that of a dishwasher in an Italian Restaurant.
It failed of course, for more reasons than one but my failed attempt at entrepreneurship made me realize this wasn’t the place for me and that I needed to leave.

The second biggest defining moment of my life:

With 50 euros in my pocket, I moved to Australia and went back to my electrician life only to be met with fate’s next challenge for me, I fell down at work one day and severely hurt my spine.
Unable to move, I channelized my energies into learning Blockchain Technology. I never got to attend a university as a student, but my thirst for crypto knowledge and deep research led me to be summoned as an expert speaker on Blockchain Tech at one of the oldest universities in Italy. Needless to say, it was finally starting to feel like I was part of the “bigger picture” now.
I then went on to accept a directorial position at Startup Grind, Naples, with the ambition to never take any living moment for granted again and to use everything I knew and learned to help others.
Once there, I set up multiple blockchain-related businesses and a mining farm.

The next trial:

Things were going great. But then came my next trial where I lost millions in my crypto wealth and went into severe depression. $5.6 million to be exact.
But with the unconditional support of my family, some professional help and a bit of self-healing, I got back up. I relocated again to Malta. My belief in giving back to society had become stronger than ever and I connected on my deepest purpose, Thus, I dedicated my life to serving and empowering people. I kept learning about the decentralization of finance, kept experimenting and organized multiple events to help people familiarise themselves with it as well.

Where I am now:

Now my life’s purpose is to create an opportunity for talented individuals to fully and freely express themselves and never be limited by something as meagre as no resources, an opportunity I wish I had when I was struggling.
There’s a whole new market that NFTs have created and because of my years of experience in crypto, I believe I am in the perfect position to help people utilise it so they can free themselves of financial worries and just focus on creating groundbreaking work through their gifted or learned talent that has the power to change the world.
My experiences have made me spiritually grounded and I believe that adding value to other people’s lives is the value that I add to my own life. Crypto has presented a limitless opportunity and I believe it is my duty to share with everyone, how it can help them.
I know talent exists everywhere in the world and just needs the right guidance and opportunity to be brought forward. II wants to inspire the talent of the world in the exact same way my first book inspired me and shaped me into the person I am today.

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