Why Me?

Because I was not born into privilege. I had no guidance, no backup as I was growing and building myself up. With nothing to lose, I made tons of mistakes in a very short time and I don’t hide them.

I knew I had to make my mark in this world and from where I come from, the only way to survive was to think faster than others. I did that and always managed to find a way around to achieve what I desired.

This is exactly what sets me apart I’ve built business empires and created multiple sources of 7 figure incomes for my clients. I personally invest in my client’s success which is why I can guarantee results.

I am not driven by money, a number generated in a database created by the government does not give me a sense of security or fulfilment. I know I’ve been placed in this world to fulfil my purpose, to prove to the world that the human race is ready to shift from a scarcity mindset to a global abundance state of mind.

The monetary system was put in place to always have us stay in a need mindset for the bills. don’t get me wrong, money isn’t at all a bad thing, it’s the tool that people like Steve Jobs have used to bring us here today, in this special moment of human existence, where we all can become mentally free. I mean that by not depending on a piece of paper invented by central banks, or data written in someone else database, we can create our own container of energy that we can generate with our mindset.

Now how you can do the same is through me helping you. I learned this life lesson because I had no choice. The game of money wasn’t available during my childhood, so I started playing my own games. I created my own currency, my own tickets and because of that, today, I master the technology that the banking industry is only now beginning to adopt. The only difference between us and them is that our mission is to give the ability that banks had for centuries, in the hands of everyone. I am here to give you the power to create your own Sovereignty currency, to create your Financial Sovereignty. As a conscientious leader, I feel obliged to be a supporter of the next big revolution, which we call DeSoFi, Decentralized Sovereignty Finance.

We, as a generation do not believe in what these big banking corporation wants as to believe, we don’t sell our values for the sole purpose of making more “Money”. I repeat myself, money isn’t a bad thing, money is divine energy that needs to be harnessed for the good of the next generations. But before the Covid-19 situation, none of us really understood how we raped the lands, the sea, and the life of millions of animals, all for growing a number written in a centralized database. Do you want to spend the rest of your existence as a part of a common crime? Do you really want to use the tools they use for destroying the planet that our future generations will live on? if the answer is yes, then keep accepting the money they have created and feeding the notion that they have planted installed in your subconscious mind, where you think you need them to feel safe.

If the answer is NO, I can help you to create a container of the energy you are building. I can help you to store the light to spread around you in a new, different, and ethical way. Now I’m not shouting this out to the entire world, I know only a few people can understand what I said, so if this resonated with you, let’s get in touch.

My Why?

I get to do for other people, what I wish someone had done for me back in the day. 

Values That Made a Difference For Me







My Struggle: How I Hustled My Way To The Top

I’m not going to lie and say I had everything sorted out from the start and became a millionaire before I turned 25 and was featured in 25 under 25.

Because I was not.

I had the roughest start you could imagine and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I was yet to discover the true meaning of life at a time when apparently I had everything. I was minting money but was empty on the inside.

I picked up my first book when I was 21, only after I had fulfilled almost every dream my family had seen for me and more. That book gave me the perspective I lacked in life. It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you’re inspired enough. So when I finally found a direction in my life, I built and scaled businesses, established bitcoin mining farms, arranged crypto events, and developed sustainable tech solutions for the underprivileged, yet super talented, aspiring sports players.

Making money is the last thing on my mind now. I’ve transgressed to a level where my only yearning is to create a sense of purpose for someone, to be a part of something greater, and to be the embodiment of the change I want to see in the world.

I Admire People Who Are

  • Creative and talented
  • Driven, hard-working, and not afraid of taking risks
  • Ready to unlearn the old ways and adopt the new-world, money-making tactics
  • Aspiring or Established Entrepreneurs
  • Artists, Sportspersons, Photographers Influencers, Bloggers, crypto-lovers

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